Oops... Oops... Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton - the queen of celebrity oops. If someone speaks to you about celebrities most likely he speaks about Paris Hilton. By quantity to oopses Paris Hilton is not present equal on the Internet. This photo has been made very much for a long time... But on it Paris Hilton looks very naturally. It seems to me, what exactly this photo can be considered as the behaviour standard of celebrity oops. Though, how much people, are so much opinions. Someone likes glamour pictures from magazines more... But I like "casual" photos when the impression is created, that you really spy upon a celebrity.

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Demi Moore First Oops

Demi Moore... OUI Magazine... First photoshoot... As for a long time it was. Who knew about Demetria Gene Guynes in the early 80's except her husband songwriter Freddy Moore which has given her surname and photographers of OUI Magazine? Correctly, nobody knew. These photos 18-years-old Demetria also have created real Demi Moore. We like Demi such - unpredictable, frank and very sexual. Then there were the new films, the new photosessions, new victories and failures and it is a lot of another... And then there was still absolutely young girl who only should become a star..

demi moore on robbs celebrity oops


Britney Spears Best Oops

This picture of Britney Spears has changed representation of very many people that such the present oops. This picture has simply blown up the Internet, having left in the past easy hints and unnatural bashfulness of celebrities. Since this moment the world has started to live by new rules. These rules Britney Spears also has created... Simply having opened a door of the car. All ingenious is always simple...

britney spears on robbs celebrity oops


Katy Perry Oops

This photo of Katy Perry - one more riddle for blind. Yes, the girl on a picture very attractive. And breasts at this girl even more than at the real Katy Perry. Simply look at the person. Someone else considers, what is it the present Katy Perry? Then you need to address urgently to the oculist. With sight to joke it is not necessary :)

katy perry on robbs celebrity oops


Emma Watson - Oops or Fake?

Emma Watson possesses especial charm and... Full absence of real oopses. But demand gives rise to the offer, and on the Internet there was a large quantity of fakes. Some of these fakes look very naturally, others are easy for distinguishing at once from the present photos. Concerning this photo argued much. Though I do not understand, what disputes here can be. After all it is the Fake. And, not the best quality.

emma watson on robbs celebrity oops


Lindsay Lohan - All Happens For The First Time

All happens for the first time. And Lindsay Lohan - not an exception. Once, very much for a long time, Lindsay was 18. And she for the first time has really got to the paparazzi. This photo of the young girl which bashfully tries to hide her breasts, best of Lindsay' huge photoarchive. When you look at this photo, never you will think, that the deranged alcoholic and the addict can grow from this girl... Can be to Lindsay Lohan to cease to listen to Doors?

lindsay lohan on robbs celebrity oops


Brigitte Bardot - The Grandmother Too Was The Girl

Brigitte Bardot too was the girl and did any nonsenses. For example, makes such super frank photoshoots. Certainly, Brigitte always behaved is very unchained, and all have got used to it. But to see her such... Then she became a celebrity, very known actress. Then she began to protect animals. Then there were many photos. But such photos any more was not. Photos became more modest... Much more modestly. And it is a pity. We will recollect the great Brigitte Bardot... When she forced our hearts to fight more often. And not only hearts!!!

brigitte bardot on robbs celebrity oops


Ali Larter - Ass On Display

Ali Larter acted in sensational films, such as Final Destination 1-2, Legally Blonde, Drive Me Crazy, Varsity Blues, Resident Evil: Extinction, A Lot Like Love, American Outlaws, Jay and Back and a serial Heroes. Besides, Ali Larter - the successful theatrical actress. And it is her last role - Miss the Best Ass On Display. I think, that all will agree - and with this role she has consulted excellently... Now we wait for continuation :)

ali larter on robbs celebrity oops


Adriana Lima - Brazilian Charm

Brazil wins first place in the world by quantity of very beautiful women. And Adriana Lima best of them - an embodiment of the ideal woman - beautiful "angel" of Victoria's Secret. And how it can be?Maybe it especial brazilian air, maybe it ocean or that in she flows the blood a frenchman, portuguese, american and quite from inhabitants of Caribbean islands trace. In a complicated way say, as such prodigy appeared in the world. By the way, Adriana Lima quite did not want to become the model, she dreamed to help children. And presently thanks God for its popularity - has allowed her to found Relief children orphan fund. Presently she young, she continues to work, likes japanese food and "plain folks". You do not meet her on fashionable parties - she prefers the solitude. Why? "I have tired from insincere people, which so much in this business!" Here is such plain and in ditto time the most desirable woman in the world. Maybe therefore she and wanted that is plain?

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